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    Care Farming Scotland aims to offer guidance, information and support to care farmers and to promote the development of care farming across Scotland so that its social, health and economic potential is understood and exploited by policymakers, land managers and providers of care and support services.

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What is care farming?

Farmer holding a white chicken.

What is Care Farming?

Care farms provide health, social or educational care services for a range of vulnerable groups of people including those with mental health problems, people suffering from mild to moderate depression, people with substance misuse history, adults and children with learning disabilities, children with autism, disaffected young people, and people on probation.

How can I get involved?

care farms in scotland

Care Farms in Scotland

There are around a dozen care farms in Scotland, from Ullapool in the north to Dumfries in the south. These farms offer care farming services to various client groups and are managed by people who hold strong values rooted in promoting inclusion and enablement of their clients.

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Donation from Kinross and District Junior Agricultural Club

Alan Staff  was recently asked to attend an event with Kinross and District Junior Agricultural Club where he spoke to their AGM about Care Farming and their work in supporting new social farming initiatives across Scotland. The Junior Agricultural Club recently held their 70th Anniversary Dinner Dance at which they raised £1000 with their charity…