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Care Farming Scotland

Care Farming Scotland

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Welcome to the website of Care Farming Scotland

Care Farming Scotland is a registered charity (Charity number SC041538) whose mission is to support and promote the development of care farming in Scotland so that its social and economic potential is understood and exploited by policymakers, land managers and providers of care and support services.

Care Farming Scotland's vision is that every person whose health and wellbeing can benefit from time spent working on the land will have the opportunity to do so, and that every land manager with the will and capacity to offer these opportunities will have access to the support and information they need to develop them sustainably.

What is Care Farming?

Care farming promotes mental and physical health through giving people the opportunity to spend time working on the land.

Care farming imageThose who can benefit include people with learning difficulties, work-related stress, mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems or employability challenges.

Care farming is a partnership between land manager, service provider and client. Participants can work on traditional farms or in forestry, horticulture and other land management activities.

Care farming combines care of the land with care of people and there is evidence that it can deliver great personal, social and economic benefits for everyone involved.

Care farming boost the rural economy by helping farms and other rural businesses to stay economically viable through diversification into an activity that can generate significant income. 

You can find out more about Care Farming Scotland here.

"To see others benefit from our lovely farm that we ourselves so enjoy. It is a privilege to see the progress created in others' lives, simply by sharing the farm livestock and environment with them"

Care Farmer, quoted in National Care Farming Initiative research report.